Chair Cover Rentals

Chair covers are the upgrade that people don’t often think about, but can make a big impact that will impress your guests. Whether you are trying to build the perfect custom look or just dress up your event, our combinations of chair covers and sashes will do the trick.

Got ugly chairs?

Some venues include chairs as part of the rental fee, which can save a ton of time, money and effort. But these chairs are often showing their age or stick out as cheap — especially when pulled up to tables with expertly pressed linens.

Maximize convenience and get your perfect look by dressing them up with our chair covers and sashes. Our covers can turn any ugly chair into a masterpiece.

Our clients that rent ballrooms, community centers and older venues especially appreciate this option. Let us help you out too!

Chair covers are available in white, black and ivory. Sashes are available in all of the standard and premium linen colors listed on our linen rentals page.